The idea….

… for founding Consertis resulted from own frustrations. Owner Alexander Haber needed a technical solution to his problem.

One “expert” after the other sent him away with statements such as: “Something like that doesn’t exist on the market. You can’t solve the problem that way. That’s just not doable!”

For Alex, who always had a passion for inventing and innovating, the last straw was when he was told in one final talk: “Then go ahead and develop something better yourself!”

Challenge accepted!

I always wanted to be an innovator.

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“I am driven by wanting to comprehend structures and systems to understand how the world works – and to be able to improve it. I’m always hunting for truths and true solutions. My impetus is to always think one step further with our IT products.”

– Alex Haber, founder and owner –

Stagnation is not an option

So Alex and his team decided to turn this business sector upside down and develop a solution for his problem.

What was Alex’s business problem?

VoIP telephone systems have been on the market for some time. However all providers on this market offered complicated, in-transparent and costly services: charges for every single system feature and facility as well as per device and per extension on top.

In addition, providers were difficult to reach and never offered timely support options. Alex and his team envisaged putting an end to these outrageous rip-offs and lack of service orientation.

One year later, Consertis telephony systems saw the light of day. Since then he and his team have been working hard on finding solutions for everyone, not only international corporate majors.

By now, Consertis hosts over 500 business telephones clients and offers cost-efficient, transparent and flexible VoIP-bundles to businesses world-wide.

The expert, by the way, who incensed Alex into action is no longer in business. His clients switched to Consertis.

What an irony.

In a nutshell

With over 20 years of experience with SMEs as well as major corporations, Consertis is your specialist for IT, Telephony, CRM and CDR solutions.

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always there for you

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constantly learning

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Solution oriented,
always aspiring

Expertise since 1999

More than 300 Microsoft 365 projects

More than 500 business telephony clients

Consertis means connecting

Consertis, derived from the Latin word conserere (to connect) means “we will be connected”.

This spirit of connection is not only true for our products – that rely on cloud-technology and on-demand services – but also for our relationship with our clients.

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microsoft silver partner
redhat certified system administrator
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Taking social responsibility seriously.

We not only support our employees!

Given our personal background, we have committed to supporting non-commercial physical education in various fields. We sponsor sports and physical education in non-profit associations and schools and are always open to new projects.

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