Presenting: The New Generation of Telephone Systems.

Chat, video conferencing, telephony, webinars, presence display, and much more – all in one interface. Always in best HD voice quality. No matter where you are.

With our communications solution at the heart of your business, you will generate more customers, while saving time and benefiting from maximum security.

That is Unified Communications from Consertis based on Wildix.

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Fail-safe and compliant telephony. The ideal solution for hotels, medical practices and law firms. Offers the latest telephone systems with countless features and free of licensing costs.


Cloud Telephony

Stay connected everywhere and always with Consertis’ Cloud Telephony, even without a physical device. Benefit from the first sales-oriented Unified Communications solution.


SIP Trunk

Consertis’ SIP Trunk lets you integrate and operate numerous locations into your VoIP-system with only one trunk.


Add-on Services

No matter whether it’s professional phone messages, holding loops or call authorizations for national and international service numbers – we leave nothing to be desired.

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Why Consertis telephony systems?


We offer much more than just a phone system. With our unified communications solution, we make your communications solution the heart of your workflows, so you can make more sales and work more securely.

Always at your side – from initial consulting over licensing to continuous support

About us

What you can expect from us at Consertis:

Unified Communications

The sales-oriented communication platform based on Wildix. In the cloud or hybrid with in-house hardware.

Transparent, scalable costs​

we play hide and seek with our children, not with your costs.

Continuous updates, maintenance & hosting​

because we stick to our promises.

The best features

Sophisticated live chat with presence indication directly from your website, webinar and video conferencing solutions, linking with MS Teams, and more.

Harware & Software as-a-service

You will benefit from a telecommunications system that is fully backed by a warranty and always consists of the latest products.

Stay connected everywhere and always

no worries, call forwarding and voice mail still exist.

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Always available for you

Your very own contact person

instead of hours on hold when calling a support hotline.

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Yes. You install a VoIP app (Sip-Phone) like Groundwire, Zoiper or similar.
These integrate with your smartphone, and with them you can call your contacts as you would from the telephone system. Internal calls are free, and external callers will see your landline number. Your smartphone only needs internet access.

With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you make your phone calls over the internet yet comparable to a classic ISDN landline. Until now, two separate networks were necessary for internet use and landline extension. VoIP allows you to make your calls via the same network as your internet connection.

In short: No hardware incompatibilities. Our system can simply be migrated in case of hardware replacements with continuous system updates guaranteeing standard compatibility.

Extended version: With customary telephone systems, if a device breaks then it can only be replaced with a new one from the same model range. If a model range is no longer available (after several years model ranges are usually phased out) then the ENTIRE telephone system needs to be replaced because of one defective device generating high costs. This will not happen with a Consertis telephone system since it is based on Fusion PBX and SIP-enabled devices. They are compatible with all devices true to standard and we can guarantee the exchange of defunct telephone devices even 10 years from now.

No. Our telephone system has no limits. You can have as many extensions and use as many channels as you like. Only the hardware in use sets certain limits – but you will receive sound advice from us before choosing the best possible hardware solutions.

No. The telephone system is set up according to the specifics of Consertis as carrier network.
This gives you the safeguard of having a one-stop contact and rapid problem resolution in case of any complications.

Almost anything. Please speak to our consultants regarding your exigencies under phone: +43-1- 39800 or via email We welcome every new challenge!

Our telephone system is a server and as fail-safe as any other server.
If requested, the regular methods for reducing system errors in all servers are applied: clustering, emergency power supply, etc…

CRMMicrosoft 365, Teams.

You will find the prices for our bundles in our online shop. For all unbundled services we charge € 120 per hour (excluding VAT) accounted for in 15 minute segments. And we are speedy!

For all those who have more than 20 extensions and want to maintain physical control or simply do not want to outsource. This is especially true for businesses and institutions that must meet high compliance standards such as public service, medical practices, law firms, etc.

VoIP- or SIP-Apps are applications that connect your smartphone to your VoIP/SIP-enabled telephone system. In doing so, your smartphone turns into the equivalent of your desk phone and you can be reached under your landline number respectively with in-coming calls, your customers see your business and not your mobile phone number. Some of these apps offer basic features free of charge, other features need to be bought.
We recommend the Apps ZOIPER and Groundwire.

Telephone systems are complex and Fusion PBX is no exception. We stay by your side in case you need any support respectively we offer valuable additional services such as back-ups.

Yes. You install a softphone such as Zoiper, Ninja, Jitsi or similar.
Depending on the software, these can also integrate with Outlook. This allows you to call your contacts directly from Outlook. Internal calls are free, and external callers will see your landline number. Your PC only needs internet access.

It not only works, but works so well that Austria AT-Telekom has started to switch off standard ISDN-lines in 2020. So what are you waiting for?

Our on-prem solutions come with according support suites.
They range from simple call-in support to complete support arrangements including hardware replacement of the system server.

Of course! Please contact our sales & distribution representative at phone: +43-1-39800 or email

With all devices and every software based on the SIP-standard.
By now, this is a vast market and there is no requirement left that cannot be met.

Yes. We also carry out installations on Raspberry Pi (16 extensions).

Consertis IT is always available for problems on the ground with routers, firewall, switches and all other VoIP components.

Yes. Since our telephone system comes without licensing costs or artificial limits the price is unrivalled – and the price difference gets more pronounced the more users the system has.

Yes. Even though the technology on which it is based – ISDN – is nearing the end of its life cycle. We will offer and operate pre-selection until the definite end.

Software you install on your PC/MAC in order to make phone calls via your telephone system, turning each computer into an extension. An actual telephone device is no longer necessary. The basic features of this type of software often are free of charge; other features can be bought as add-ons We for instance recommend ZOIPER.