SIP Trunk Provider for your telephone system​

Connect your VoIP-enabled telephone system to the landline telephone network.

Make calls into the Austrian mobile phone network – in high-end voice quality from 0.05 €/minute

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Consertis SIP Trunk

You would like to connect your VoIP-enabled telephone system to the landline telephone network and make calls nationally and internationally in optimal voice quality at low cost? You can keep your local phone number or receive a new phone number through us.

Consertis SIP trunk allows you to integrate and centrally operate numerous locations with only one own trunk in your VoIP-system.

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Prices & Bundles

Trunk 2

from € 9.95

per month

Our TRUNK 2 bundle offers 2 parallel lines and 250 minutes credit for calls within Austria.

Trunk 10

from € 39.95

per user/month

Our TRUNK 10 bundle offers 10 parallel lines and 500 minutes credit for calls within Austria.

Trunk 30

from € 99.95

per month

Our TRUNK 30 bundle offers 30 parallel lines and 1000 minutes credit for calls within Austria.


Overview of all per-minute charges and basic bundles- in Austria as well as internationally to landline and mobile phone networks.


With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you make your phone calls over the internet yet comparable to a classic ISDN landline. Until now, two separate networks were necessary for internet use and landline extension. VoIP allows you to make your calls via the same network as your internet connection.

Telephone systems are complex and Fusion PBX is no exception. We stay by your side in case you need any support respectively we offer valuable additional services such as back-ups.

CRMMicrosoft 365, Teams.

You will find the prices for our bundles in our online shop. For all unbundled services we charge € 120 per hour (excluding VAT) accounted for in 15 minute segments. And we are speedy!

VoIP- or SIP-Apps are applications that connect your smartphone to your VoIP/SIP-enabled telephone system. In doing so, your smartphone turns into the equivalent of your desk phone and you can be reached under your landline number respectively with in-coming calls, your customers see your business and not your mobile phone number. Some of these apps offer basic features free of charge, other features need to be bought.
We recommend the Apps ZOIPER and Groundwire.

It not only works, but works so well that Austria AT-Telekom has started to switch off standard ISDN-lines in 2020. So what are you waiting for?

Almost anything. Please speak to our consultants regarding your exigencies under phone: +43-1- 39800 or via email We welcome every new challenge!

Consertis IT is always available for problems on the ground with routers, firewall, switches and all other VoIP components.

Yes. Even though the technology on which it is based – ISDN – is nearing the end of its life cycle. We will offer and operate pre-selection until the definite end.